Compare Qik Order vs. Other 3rd Party Solutions

The Qik Order Difference

  • Our platform integrates into YOUR website, so customers don’t get distracted and purchase elsewhere. We also showcase you here!
  • We mark up the menu price 10% (which is our profit); keeping you in market range.
  • We don’t take any of your profits. 
  • No Monthly Fees + Zero Onboarding Options
  • Fully Customizable platform; from design to user experience.
  • Turn-key online ordering system.
  • Built, Managed, & Supported by a team of restaurant managers. 
  • Mobile Friendly Ordering System w/ Real Time Order Tracking & Text Notifications For Customers
  • Accessible from any smart device on WiFi or cellular. No POS System Needed. We do provide devices, if needed.
  • Real Time View Of Active & Upcoming Pre-Orders
  • Step By Step Order Management for staff and admins.
  • Premium Reporting of Daily, Weekly, 30 Day, YTD, All Time Sales & Tax Statistics.
  • Tip & Delivery Fee Payout / Tracking Reports.
  • Individual profiles for Admin, Staff, Driver (if applicable) with Active / Inactive Scheduling.

Compare Qik Order To Other 3rd Party Solutions

  • Take you offsite onto the 3rd party platform OR do not look fluid and/or secure.
  • Markup your menu 15-30% higher, pricing you out of the market.
  • Take an additional 15-30%+ before paying you. 
  • Box solution, no editing or customizable capability.
  • Many are not mobile friendly solutions.
  • Many do not have real time order tracking capability.
  • Most require you to use their tablets or POS system.
  • Most offer zero Real Time solutions for order management.
  • Most do not support Pre-Orders for days ahead.
  • Offer minimal, if any, analytics reporting.
  • Do not allow you access to your customer list.
  • Do not allow you to utilize your own delivery drivers.
  • Typically you are provided one login; so staff sees the same as owners.