About Qik Order

We know that times are tough for business owners right now. The 2020 pandemic has shown us how important it is to keep local businesses up and running and how digital marketing & e-commerce is one of the most important means to achieve sales.

With Qik Order you can now offer online ordering and open up your business to: in-house no contact ordering, togo / curbside ordering / & even delivery, while keeping 100% of your profits; deposited nightly.

12 Reasons To Choose Qik Order?

  • Our platform integrates into YOUR website, so customers don’t get distracted and purchase elsewhere.
  • We don’t mark up your menu to astronomical prices, pricing you out of the range customers expect to pay.
  • We don’t take from your profits, like most 3rd party providers. 
  • No Fee / Fully customizable / turn-key online ordering system.
  • Built, Managed, & Supported by a team of restaurant managers. 
  • Integrates into any website. No coding needed.
  • Mobile Friendly Ordering System With Real Time Order Tracking & Text Notifications For Customers
  • Accessible from any smart device on WiFi or cellular. No POS System Needed
  • Real Time View Of Active & Upcoming Pre-Orders, With Step By Step Order Management.
  • Premium Reporting of Daily, Weekly, 30 Day, YTD, All Time Sales & Tax Statistics.
  • Tip & Delivery Fee Payout / Tracking Reports.
  • Individual profiles for Admin, Staff, Driver (if applicable) with Active / Inactive Scheduling.
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